How did it get there?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I don't think I've met a single person whose system of ethics regarding "intellectual property" was internally consistent

Why is it that no one seems to understand how share ratios work on bittorrent? When yours goes up, mine goes down. When yours goes down, mine goes up. If you multiply everyone's ratio together, it equals 1. ALWAYS. SOME OF THE RATIOS WILL ALWAYS BE GREATER THAN ONE AND SOME OF THEM WILL ALWAYS BE LESS THAN ONE. IT'S NOT BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE EVIL LEECHING SCUMBAGS, IT'S JUST MATH.

Furthermore, share ratios don't even MATTER. It doesn't matter how much you downloaded, only how much you uploaded. Downloading doesn't affect anyone but you. Even if you always download and never upload, it's not as though you're HOARDING THE DATA. It's not as though you have overdue library books. The books are still in the library, you have copies.